Are you interested in saving 20 to 50% on LipSense and our entire line of SeneDerm & SeneCosmetic products? Become a Distributor for LipSense and make money while you get your products at discount! The Distributorship fee is only $55 USD (and you’ll receive your new Distributor information & training package from SeneGence) and even if you’re just in it for a personal discount (like I was), just think of the money you’ll save in the long run!

If you are  looking for a career, or part time business,  where you can be your own boss, have freedom in your life to live the way you want to and work from home to make $$$ with new, highly consumable products that are Unique and Revolutionary… You have found it!

Are you in Canada, the UK or Australia, Switzerland or Poland?

Did you know you can be a part of the team as well? You can sign up as a distributor on my team, but your shipments and your orders would be within your own country. Email me at for more information! Please note that in other countries, LipSense may be known by a different name (ex. SheerSense in the UK)

To sign up as a Distributor in the US

To join my team as a Distributor in another country, you will need my name, Distributor # and email:

Rachael White     Distributor#196356      Email:

To sign up as a Distributor in Canada:

To sign up as a Distributor in the UK:

To sign up as a Distributor in Australia:

To sign up as a Distributor in Switzerland:

 To sign up as a Distributor in Poland:​

SeneGence Cosmetics are “cosmeceuticals” produced in a pharmaceutical grade lab. That’s exactly WHY we attract professionals. Many are spa owners, salons, plastic surgeons, Makeup Artists, and dermatologists….
However some are individual business women or stay at home moms that need to make additional income!

Become A Distributor
Become A Distributor

I am part of an amazing team of ladies who help each other daily.  If you have any questions, I’m here to help just text or call 407-538-1533 or email to contact me.


or What’s in it for Me?

  1. You can do this alongside your current job and other responsibilities – part time or full time!
  2. You will earn your own money!  There is NO “glass ceiling”!  You determine how much you want to make!
  3. You are your own boss!  You determine WHEN and WHERE you want to work (follow-up calls by the pool, anyone?)
  4. You can work from home – no more commuting and no more office politics!
  5. You will meet many wonderful women and create great friendships with your fellow SeneSisters!
  6. Your family’s schedule can come first!  You will work around their schedule instead of making them work around yours!
  7. It’s affordable!  Only $50 will get you started!
  8. It’s your business, and you can write off your expenses!
  9. You will buy your own personal product at the distributor’s discount!
  10. You may sell to anyone in the United States!  There are no territories!     And last but not least – IT’S FUN!!!

Become A Distributor